Quick Facts About Pet Stores

Quick Facts About Pet Store Puppies

Pet Stores are the most transparent and most regulated source to obtain your new best friend. Buying a puppy from a local Pet Store will ensure that the puppy you purchase has been well cared for from breeder to pet store and that the parents of the puppy are also well taken care of.

●  The United States Department of Agriculture regulates the Breeders and the Dealer, as well as the Transportation company used to bring those puppies to the Pet Store.

●  Individual States Agriculture Departments also oversee and inspect these Breeders and Distributers.

●  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates who can drive the mobile kennels that transport the puppies to the Pet Stores.

●  Local Agriculture Departments and Health Departments oversees, regulates, and inspects pet stores.

●  Local Municipalities and Governments also regulate Pet Stores. For example, certain states require pet stores only to deal with breeders who have no direct violations during recent inspections.

●  Puppies from Pet Stores receive more veterinary care and over sight during the 1st 12 weeks of age than any other source of puppies.

●  According to the ASPCA, Pet Stores are only responsible for about 2% of all dogs sold.

●  Pet Stores can only source from Federally Licensed and Inspected Dog Breeders and Hobby Breeders.

●  Pet Stores will guarantee their puppies, even if the state does not have a puppy lemon law.

●  You can find puppies registered with all of the large dog registry’s such as American Kennel Club (AKC), American Canine Association (ACA), and American Pet Registry (APRI) .

●  Pet Store Puppies sometimes come from direct champion lines or proven working lines.

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