P&T Adoption Center(Retail Rescue) Selling Puppies With Multiple Diseases, Parvo, Heartworm Outbreak

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P&T Adoption Center (Retail Rescue) Selling Puppies With Multiple Diseases. Parvo, Heartworm Outbreak.

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If you read our article a few days ago about P&T Adoption center you know they are having a Parvo outbreak that has affected at least six dogs and landed many in the hospital, with at least one that died. You also know from our article that P&T Adoption Center was sourcing their puppies from a rescue broker in Georgia. We have recently learned that this rescue broker may not be licensed, in the state of Georgia which is a regulation in that state! Rescues/Shelters and even fosters must be registered with the Georgia State Department of Agriculture. This rescue is called Friends of Georgia Shelter Dogs and the founder is Tina Lane from 1699 Tunnel Hill-Varnell Road in Tunnel Hill Georgia. Tina makes the claim that she is the founder of this group on her personal Linkedin page. Which can be found here.

To make matters even worse than having at least a half dozen puppies being sold with Parvo from the retail rescue center known as P&T Adoption Center, Tina Lane the founder of Friends of Georgia Shelter Dogs posted a picture of a puppy in her possession on her personal Facebook page saying that the puppy has Parvo and she is treating the illness. We have found out from a comment that Tina made directly on P&T Adoption Centers Facebook page that the Retail Rescue P&T takes every dog/puppy she offers to them, regardless of health, compared to other rescues that turn down unhealthy pets for lack of funds to treat an illness, apparently P&T has no issues taking sick puppies from Tina and passing those illnesses off to the unsuspecting consumers that adopt from them, only to face the heartache and financial burden of disease and viruses such as this recent Parvo outbreak. Tina states in her comment that P&T retail rescue center even takes dogs that test positive for heart worm!

P&T Adoption Buys Puppies With Diseases

After our first article posted, reaching tens of thousands of people, a rescue group called Doggie Paws Rescue posted a comment to Tina Lane and said they can take some of her puppies. Tina lane response was that she would have been happy to send them puppies, if a health certificate wasn’t required! Thats right, she understands and clearly knows from her response that any puppy she offers would not pass a health check and she would not be able to obtain a health certificate!

P&T Adoption Center Rescue Broker Parvo Puppies

P&T Adoption center has a lot of explaining to do regarding their shady retail rescue operation selling puppies to the public with deadly diseases and not providing its customers with financial support, leaving them high and dry with huge emotional and financial strains.


We are collecting more information from multiple sources contacting RAW that now say that the vet listed on the transfer document was unaware of her name and practice being used for this form to transport these sick animals from Tina Lane to P&T Adoption center in Cherry Hill New Jersey. If there are forged veterinarian documents, hopefully charges will be brought against those responsible for this fraud!


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