If It Looks Like A Pet Store and Smells Like A Pet Store Its Probably A…

House of Horrors located at 391 Route 34 Matawan, New Jersey is known as Husky House or Snowdog lodge. This Retail Rescue Store front on a major highway in New Jersey offers puppies and dogs for sale, I mean adoption. Along with offering puppies and dogs they also board and do daycare according to their website.

This retail rescue is operating just like a Pet Store. Bringing in puppies and dogs from other states to sell and according to documents from the State of New Jersey, they are transporting these puppies and dogs illegally into the state with out the right paperwork. Along with a whole slue of other major issues such as lack of veterinarian over sight. Well, we should say no veterinarian over sight for 6 months according to New Jersey inspection reports.

However there is one big difference between this retail rescue and Pet Stores in the State.

  1. Pet Store only obtain from licensed and inspected Breeders, House of Horrors sells any puppy or dog from anyone.
  2. Pet Stores are required to provide the state lemon law ( 2 Weeks For Anything and 6 Months on Conjectical or heritearty. House of Horrors offers no warrantee or even the state mandated health warrantees.
  3. Pet Stores and Rescues are mandated to registered with the state. House of Horrors is not registered as of Feb 2018.
  4. Pet Stores are required by law to have a Isolation room. House of Horrors does not and mixes healthy with visibly sick.
  5. Pet Stores are required to have up to date fire inspections. House of Horrors hasn’t had a fire inspection since 2015.
  6. Pet Stores are required to have a supervising Veterinarian on staff. House of Horrors did not have a supervising Vet and no vet has been to the facility in over 6 Months from the last public inspection.


This retail store from Rescue offering puppies and dogs for sale is set up just like a New Jersey Pet Store. However they choose not to follow the basic regulation the state put into effect. Husky House owner and volunteers are activly fighting for the ban of pet stores in New Jersey. While there pet store is pushed under the rug because they call themselves a rescue.

House of Horrors known as Husky House is a Retail Rescue.

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