What is Pet Flipping? 

Pet flipping is said to be a growing problem because of a rise in social media use. However Pet flipping has been around for as long as humans have used animals for jobs, pets and food. Pet flipping now a days refers to domestic pets like cats and birds but mainly dogs and puppies.


What is Pet Flipping? 

Pet flipping is when a person gets a pet off of a website like Facebook, Craigslist or even a classifieds site like RAW, and then turns around and sells the pet to make money off of it. Pet Flipping is commonly seen in the Rescue business, where Animal Rescues will go to dog auctions in Missouri, bid and buy puppies and dogs, then transport the animals back to their state claiming they rescued these dogs and place them up for adoption. These adoption fees can range from a couple hundred to almost a thousand dollars. Unlike the typical pet flipper, Rescues will also collect donations to their Go Fund Me pages, which is typically where most of their revenue comes from.

For the common Pet Flipper, they will buy one or a few dogs and puppies and resell them, generally as their own. Pet Flippers are known to buy from Breeders directly or online which isn’t illegal. Yes that is correct Pet Flipping is not illegal. Even though these Pet Flippers have no regulation, no inspections and are not subjected to the same laws that pet stores, breeders and puppy distributors are required to follow.  The only time pet flipping is illegal is if the flipper buys a dog or puppy under contract from a breeder. Although this is not criminal, the contract will hold up in small claims court.

RAW runs several Facebook pages where pets are bought and sold. We do our best to  monitor for potential pet flippers but as you can imagine it is quite hard unless we pretend to buy the animal and ask several quesitons. We do see pet flippers now and then and see people outing them as well. Potential pet buyers should be aware of this common issue and should be on the look out when they are buying themselves or family a pet.


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