Tyanna Woods

Breeder Name: Tyanna Woods

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Address: RT 71 Box 1191, Alton, Missouri

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I grew up on a farm with a licensed kennel, after school I got of the bus at a LARGE kennel and helped with the socialization of the puppies! I was in heaven.

While in High school I was in a accident which has resulted in a permanent disability. But I’m here! I get to love my dogs everyday. They helped me so much while healing.

I met the man of my dreams 🙂 We were married and we live on his farm. We have a few goats and my best four legged friends. I enjoy showing my dogs for fun along with other friends and family. I’m a stay at home house wife so my pups are very loved by us and all of our nieces and nephew’s.

I am happy to be able to raise a few puppies that can give someone else the joy they have given me!

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