The Bullies

Rescue has gone from the original intent of “helping animals in need” to being….cool. It doesn’t matter if the pet was “rescued” from a pet shop, “rescued” from a no-kill shelter, or “rescued” from a friend who had an unwanted litter, people want to be trendy, and the way people create their image nowadays is by using these two powerful words: adoption and rescue.

But, just like in high school, in order to stay on that pedestal of being the cool kid, there is a lot of bullying that has to take place to separate themselves from the “less cool” kids. Right now, society says that adopting/rescuing a pet is cool, but purchasing a pet is uncool. How Animal Rights groups accomplish this is by convincing the public that anyone that adopts is noble and kind and those that don’t adopt are selfish and uncaring. The bullying has also gotten more ugly than it is in high school too, especially with the availability of the internet to give the bullies instant gratification to spread the propaganda on social media and crush and sometimes destroy the lives of those that would dare not follow the mantra.

Two stories come to mind regarding this intense and ugly bullying behavior. The first is when Vice President Biden (a big dog lover) made the decision to purchase a well bred German Shepherd puppy from a dedicated breeder shortly after getting into office.

When the VP proudly showed off his beautiful puppy to reporters, the breeder was immediately hit with slanderous remarks, abuse, and even death threats at the hands of the Animal Rights groups and the mob mentality of the public. Until that moment, this breeder was well respected in the dog world for years, but with one sold puppy to a high profile client, her reputation was tarnished and her life in shatters. The story of this breeder’s nightmare for simply being a “breeder” can be seen here:

vice prudent with puppy

VP Biden took so much heat about his choice to purchase a well bred puppy, that he caved into the pressure from the Animal Rights groups and publicly stated that he would be “adopting” a companion for his beloved Champ in the “near future”. A public statement that helped him appease the ugly mob mentality.
Another bullying story making the headlines is about a director of a Humane Society in Pennsylvania. This director already owns several “adopted” dogs according to media reports and actually made the decision to CHOOSE to go to a breeder to obtain a purebred Collie puppy to add to her family. The “mob” is demanding her resignation for simply purchasing a puppy, a perfectly legal thing to do! The director recently spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, stating that she is a tireless animal advocate, “This is insane and ridiculous and scary. I have broken no laws. I have done nothing unethical. They need to stop bullying.”



This director has a job and as a citizen of this free nation, had the legal CHOICE to obtain her pet from legal breeder of purebred Collies, and she is now being ostracized from her community and may actually lose her job?! What if this story wasn’t about adoption/rescue? Ask yourself these questions:

If a person works at a dog only shelter and they decide to get a cat instead, should they be fired?
If a person works at a used car dealership and buys a new car instead, should they be fired?
If a person works at a Catholic church, and they convert to Judaism, should they be fired?
If a person works for Ford and purchases a Chevy, should they be fired?

I hope she has good legal counsel and stands up for her rights against these bullies, or maybe bully isn’t strong enough of a word to describe this behavior, should we refer to them as terrorists? The story regarding this poor womans plight can be found here:

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