Regulations are GOOD, Bans are BAD!

Regulations are GOOD, Bans are BAD!

We think regulation is good, great, in fact, NECESSARY. We want to see all animals cared for with a high standard of care no matter whether being housed in a kennel, pet shop, breeder, shelter, rescue, or home. There should be no “exceptions” to the standard of care an animal receives. Right now, shelters and rescues are “exempt” from the standards of care required of kennels, pet shops, and even individual homeowners! While Pet Stores, breeders, and kennels are being strangled by all of the different regulations required from multiple agencies, shelters and rescue groups fall well under the radar or inspectors and regulatory agencies turn a blind eye to even the most heinous acts of cruelty and neglect, sometimes for YEARS.

If Senator Lesniak or any one, any where, really wants to show concern for the well being of our domestic pets, then the first thing that should change are regulations to protect the animals being held (perhaps jailed is a better word) in rescues and shelters across this country. There should be minimum care requirements that are equal to Pet Stores and kennels for Shelters and Rescues.

1. Why are pet store animals required to receive a higher level of care than shelters pets?

2. Why are puppies and kittens sold through pet stores and kennels and breeders required to go home with warrantees and paperwork attesting to their health and background when shelter pets are not?

3. Why are puppies and kittens sold through pet stores, kennels and breeders in NJ required to be examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to sale but shelter/rescue pets are not?

4. Why are puppies and kittens sold through pet stores, kennels and breeders in NJ required to be sold with health warrantees that offer reimbursement up to DOUBLE the purchase price in vet bills but shelters and rescues offer ZERO protection to the consumer in health warrantees?

The double standard must end. The annihilation of the purposefully bred companion animal industry MUST stop. The protection, continuation, and very survival of ALL conscientious breeders, breeding, licensed and inspected kennels, and licensed and inspected pet shops must be taken seriously otherwise the animal rights groups will destroy our rights as citizens.

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