P&T Puppy Love Adoption Center AKA Pats Pups AKA Pats Puppy Rescue

P&T Adoption Center AKA Pats Pups

Where forged health certificates, Consumer Affairs violations, sick puppies, and violations of the sales tax regulations all come together like a poorly written soap opera.


The P&T retail rescue store located in Cherry Hill owned by Pat Youman and closely monitored by his “advisor” Alan Braslow, closed on March 20th due to a large scale Parvo outbreak involving at least three dozen puppies according to the owner. The business remains closed for business as of April 7th. Although the store originally claimed on a Facebook post that they would be closed for only two weeks and would reopen on April 2nd, it seems that the list of growing problems plaguing the owner are not over just yet. In fact, it seems his problems are just beginning in some aspects.


While critics of the store (and its newly opened sister location in Toms River) have long questioned whether these businesses are a real rescue, RAW has received information shown here that may finally put that question to rest. It turns out that P&T is actually a Domestic Limited Liability “for profit” Corporation (LLC) actually listed as “Pat’s Pups”, with documents filed in August of 2011. This is an interesting fact because Pat’s Pups was originally doing business as a retail pet store which DID fall under the Division of Consumer Affairs and the Pet Protection Act. This required Pat to collect sales tax AND provide consumers with options and reimbursement for sick puppies. So if the company is actually named Pat’s Pups, do monies collected from consumers go into a “for profit” checking account? Well folks, RAW can answer that question for you. A follower provided us with a snapshot of her payment purchase for a puppy obtained from Pat. As you can see clearly, the company that she made payment to is none other than: Pat’s Pups. Even more interesting, if consumers are making a payment to Pat’s Pups LLC. and not the “adoption center” name, are taxes being collected on the “for profit” business??? RAW followers claim that representatives from the Division of Consumer Affairs have already been called and are asking questions.

As if all this isn’t enough to raise even the steadiest of eyebrows, get ready for RAW to rock your world folks.


During an investigation into this situation, RAW, along with help from its many supporters, uncovered that certain veterinarian health certificates for puppies delivered to P&T from out of state were actually forged. This shocking development resulted in a law enforcement criminal investigation to be launched against the store’s rescue broker Tina Lane. Tina Lane who boasted on Facebook that Pat takes healthy and sick puppies from her, quickly shut down her questionable “rescue” when she became aware of the felony forgery investigation and apparently is trying to keep a low profile while she awaits her fate. Forged vet certificates certainly brings into question all of the other health certificates for puppies, that may also be forgeries.


If Pat’s Pups “store” is not a legitimate rescue, he is REQUIRED by law to collect and pay sales tax on each puppy “sale”. The taxman doesn’t take these matters lightly and if found guilty, fines and penalties alone could put him in the dog house, no pun intended. So, does Pat collect sales tax? The answer is a big, fact NO. Looking at the customer debit receipt RAW was provided with. The payment made to Pat’s Pups was for $605.00. This payment represents a charge of $600.00 for the “adoption fee” and $5.00 for a collar. That’s it, no taxes collected for EITHER purchase!


Sources have provided RAW with copies of the Cherry Hill town license application for Pat’s Pups as well as the zoning license, and the information contained in the documents show a telling narrative and a man DESPERATELY trying to stay afloat by attempting to rewrite history. According to zoning documents dated for 2015, the location is listed as a “PET SALES STORE”. That description is without question a “retail” location, bringing with it all of the legal ramifications of a for profit business, complete with requirements for sales tax collection and Consumer Protection regulations. But wait, there is more! If you look closely at the Cherry Hill application that another RAW follower sent to us, it shows a sloppily written “PT’s Puppy Love Adoption Center” listing as the name of the business, HUH? That’s a conflict, but look CLOSER. The application is dated for March 29, 2017. Seems like Pat, or maybe it’s Alan that is frantically trying to save himself from the embarrassment of this incredible mess, is trying to quietly and quickly get himself out of a jam, AFTER the “dog poop” has hit the fan.  Government agencies like The Division of Consumer Affairs and the NJ Division of Taxation aren’t stupid enough to fall for that shell game Pat/Alan. RAW’s followers are too smart for that, and will seek and find the truth. Trying to play catch up after educating yourself to all the ways you are in deep doo doo by reading about yourself on RAW’s page and exposure by our followers will not work either.


For those not familiar with NJ law, the State has some very complex and stringent regulations regarding animal industries, with breeders and licensed pet shops taking the brunt of the heat regarding restrictive regulations and sourcing of animals, along with very comprehensive consumer protections in place that allow for double the purchase price to be reimbursed to customers for sick puppies. Considering Pat has quite a large group of customers claiming thousands of dollars in vet bills for sick and dead puppies, and if Pat hasn’t been collecting sales tax, this could lead to a HUGE pile of refunds, sales tax payments, AND potentially huge penalties for violating both the Pet Protection Act from the Division of Consumer Affairs as well as the Division of Taxation. Not being a legally operating rescue in the state means that Pat could be in serious legal trouble from multiple branches of the NJ regulatory agencies, the type of which will make his Parvo outbreak seem like a picnic. Looking at the documents that RAW obtained from our tireless and tenacious followers, you be the judge of exactly which side of the retail versus rescue fence that P&T sits.


So where does the money come from and where does it go for the business known as P&T Puppy Love Adoption Center AKA Pat’s Pups? Normally it would be difficult to impossible to track this information, but Pat Youmans has made it pretty easy by spilling the beans himself! According to a statement made by the owner Pat in an article posted here. http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2017/04/puppy_shop_owner_finds_new_way_after_puppy-mill_ac.html, Youmans himself says he:

sells the rescue puppies for a $500 fee. But, of that money, anywhere from $100 to $150 gets donated back to the rescue facility to help it care for the older dogs, who don’t get rescued as often as puppies. Another $35 to $40 goes to transportation fees, and then other money gets paid to the vet who comes to give the dogs the shots they need.”

 But Pat is undervaluing his puppies since some customers have paid well over $500.00 and he is using fuzzy math to justify his numbers. According to what he claims:

$500.00 customer purchase price

-$100/150 donated back to the rescue facility- (So the “rescue facility” gets a kickback?)

-$35/40 transport fees

=$365/310 balance which he claims gets paid to the vet to give the shots! Get real Pat!

In addition, the article goes on to report:

 “Youmans, who brings in about 20 to 40 rescue puppies a week, said he knows “going rescue” isn’t going to get him rich.

“I’m not going to retire, I’m not going to be rich,” said Youmans, 28, of Galloway. “This is what I want to do right now.”

He may not get rich but he can make a good living based upon his own numbers, numbers that we know are lower than customers receipts have shown. Look at the turnover of puppies Pat is enjoying. He is selling between 20-40 puppies PER WEEK on pups that he imports into the state. At 20 puppies being sold in this single location alone (remember Pat owns TWO locations, one in Cherry Hill and one in Toms River), Pat is pulling in between $10,000 and $20,000 PER WEEK, PER STORE…..absorb that….ten to twenty THOUSAND DOLLARS PER WEEK, PER STORE. Those numbers mean that EACH store potentially pulls in 1.4 MILLION dollars a year!!! Together, his two stores could pull in almost three million a year.


So Pat ADMITS that he leaves the mom’s behind and the rescues he works with take a “payment” of $110-150 per puppy so he can get his hands on the money generating puppies, and leave the mothers behind, because they aren’t as adoptable as the lucrative pups. Does that sound like real rescue, or simple puppy flipping? Based upon an average litter of five pups, Pat pays between $500-$750 as a premium to get his hands on those lucrative puppies and not have to deal with the mom, who is simply a disposable by-product of this money making “for-profit business model. Let’s not forget the rescues are getting a pretty penny to broker those “profitable” puppies too. At an average of five pups per litter and Pat’s number of 40 pups per week being churned out by his store, these out of state rescues are pocketing an approximately $4000.00 dollars a WEEK, just from Pat’s stores in NJ and there are thousands more like this across the country. Quite the business model isn’t it? Yet it is breeders and pet stores that are vilified and called evil for for selling puppies for profit.


In NJ, the same state that according to Senator Raymond Lesniak has 21,000 dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters each year, now has over two thousand rescue puppies each year coming into the state from Pat’s two stores alone. Those imported puppies remove the opportunity for more than two thousand local shelter/rescue dogs to be adopted by NJ consumers. But that narrative isn’t important to Pat and his advisor Alan Braslow, because after all, they don’t even care about the moms, they willingly admit to PAYING the rescue big money TO LEAVE THEM BEHIND so they can get the highly adoptable puppies by paying kickbacks that Pat refers to as “donating back to the rescue”. RAW has to wonder the ethics of these out of state rescues that work with Braslow and Pat that would eagerly take money to churn out puppies while ignoring the mom’s that also need homes. And what happens to those moms? Do they get euthanized because they are unadoptable? We already know of at least one rescue broker that sent puppies up from Georgia forged health certificates for puppies that ended up having Parvo virus which is responsible for the closure of the Cherry Hill location. What other short cuts are occurring to ensure that the profitable puppy train continues to roll? Maybe this is the REAL reason that every single in state rescue and shelter refused to work with Braslow and Pat? We are left to wonder.


In a quote from Alan in a news article, http://www.nj.com/camden/index.ssf/2015/07/nj_animal_activists_new_pet_store_face_off_over_pu.html he claims that the SPCA and the Humane Society both suggest that “people shouldn’t buy animals from for-profit stores.” So for-profit stores are bad and non-profits are good, got it Alan. So if that is what Alan believes, why then did he admit in a different article: http://www.nj.com/camden/index.ssf/2017/04/puppies_with_parvo_temporarily_shutters_south_jers.html  “Alan Braslow, an animal rights activist who convinced and helped Youmans transition from a breeder-fed pet store to a for-profit adoption center.” 

Fuzzy math, now fuzzy words, Alan clearly likes to split hairs. The problem with that is its just words, and you can play with words but you can’t play with facts. If the business is for-profit which Alan admits it is, the owner of the business needs to collect and pay sales tax, and the fact is Pat hasn’t been doing that, as shown on customer receipts that RAW has shown. If we go on the numbers he provided, he potentially owes as much as one hundred thousand dollars in sales tax to the State of NJ in a single year. Maybe Pat is right about not getting rich. By the time he gets done paying the Division of Taxation in NJ, he will definitely be lighter in his wallet.