Miami Dade Shelter VS Baby

Pet Finder is a popular web platform where shelters and rescues list puppies and dogs for sale/adoption. However, Pet Finder is also a place where you can find dogs and puppies that already HAVE homes but were not returned to their rightful owners by certain shelters and rescues that choose NOT to return lost pets back to their rightful owners.

The most recent victim is Baby a young female Afghan Hound. Baby is a gorgeous, well cared for purebred from a breeder that unfortunately escaped from her owners backyard. Baby was picked up on the same street she lived on and was Brought to the Miami Dade Animal Shelter by a concerned animal lover thinking they were doing the right thing in order for Baby to get back to her home. The owner of Baby rushed to the Shelter once she found out they had HER DOG.

The Shelter is REFUSING to release Baby back to her owner. They have renamed her “Melody” and posted her up for adoption on Pet Finder and their own Facebook page. The owner has provided pictures, vet records, other documents, and even the breeder has attempted to intervene to get Baby back to her rightful owner.

Shelters and Rescues need to be held accountable for these situations and Pet Finder needs to update their service by not allowing shelters and rescues to list pets for adoption that already have homes and were effectively “stolen” from their rightful owners. RAW urges its followers to contact the local Mayor and government officials in this jurisdiction as well as the news media, Pet Finder, and the Facebook page of this shelter and demand that Baby be returned to the family that loves her. She deserves to be with the family that raised her and knows her REAL name!

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