Kansas just passed a new law…

Kansas just passed a new law that EXEMPTS rescue foster homes from needing a license and FORCES breeders to be home 24/7 for unannounced inspections. If the breeder can’t be home, they face a $200 fine. Just another way to eliminate breeders since most breeders have to work outside the home to support themselves, their families, and their dogs.

Below is the actual notice out to the public
“On April 26, 2018, the Kansas legislature enacted new amendments to the Kansas Pet Animal Act. This letter is to inform you of the amendments that were made and how they may affect your facility. The Kansas Department of Agriculture introduced legislation to increase annual license fees to help fund the Animal Facilities Inspection Program. During the legislative process, there were additional amendments made to the Kansas Pet Animal Act.

Below is a summary of the amendments that were made to the Kansas Pet Animal Act:
License fees will be increased once regulations are amended to reflect the legislative changes
For a premise with multiple license types, the premise owner must pay for the most expensive license and a $50 fee for each additional license

A late fee of $70 will be assessed to any person whose permit or license renewal is not renewed prior to Oct. 1

Your inspector will no longer be able to contact you prior to a routine inspection
Foster homes are no longer required to pay for a license

Requested inspections will require a $200 inspection fee

If you are unable to make your premises available for an inspection within 30 minutes upon an inspector arriving at your facility, a $200 no-contact fee will be assessed

A failed inspection will result in a $200 re-inspection fee. Each payment must be made in advance of the re-inspection, and failure to do so shall result in the revocation of your license. The owner of the premises shall be required to reapply for any licenses that were revoked and are required to:

Pay the fee for the new permit or license application;
pass an initial inspection; and
pay any past due fees before the new license or permit can be issued.

If you have any questions regarding the new amendments to the Kansas Pet Animal Act, please contact our office.”

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