All Pets Vet Hospital in New Jersey is buying Pets From a Puppy Broker and Reselling them.

I called them directly to find out why they were adopting puppies out that were purchased from a licensed broker in Missouri. Turns out that the beautiful pure bred yorkie that I asked about that is up for “adoption” is $550 adoption fee. With No Heath guarantees, only deworming and micro-chip. I personally spoke with Dr. Morsy Alsamadisi known as Dr. Sam, who told me that the puppies shown on his facebook page were “for adoption” and then went on to tell me the difference between selling and adopting. “When selling a yorkie puppy they will/ can cost anywhere from $1600-$1800 and they come with Heath guarantees” (He named NJ state law). Then he said “adopting is different no health guarantees, no guarantee of the health, your taking a gamble.” Dr. Sam further went on to say that he could get me a “pure bred yorkie from a breeder for the sale price of $1500 which would come with health guarantees.” Before speaking with Dr. Sam, I spoke with Diana who is the receptionist at All Pets Veterinary Hospital who told me “the adoptable puppies come from breeders down south who are inundated with puppies so they give them to shelters, the shelters are so over populated that they have them bring the puppies to NJ so they can find them homes, which is where they get them from”. Hmmm, that’s a lie since the puppies were purchased by the vet directly from the Missouri broker and were never part of the shelter system in the south or anywhere for that matter! To my knowledge All Pets Veterinary does not have a pet shop license to sell animals from their hospital. Couple things to add, All Pet Vet is outright committing fraud. When you have dogs shown on your Facebook or website with collars on them that list pinnacle pet which is a broker in Missouri (not down south), and then directly tell the public that they’re coming from shelters in the south, that is committing fraud.

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